August Free Download: Meal Planner Templates (and some favorite recipes!)

August Free Download: Meal Planner Templates (and some favorite recipes!)

Happy August!

As a thank you for you being here, email subscribers and collectors, I am excited to share with you four free downloadable and print-at-home Meal Planner templates (and three of my favorite recipes, see the bonus content below)!

I hope this helps with your busy schedules this month as we move through our lives and daily tasks, while still finding a moment for a bit of coastal whimsy and slow moments of calm. 

I personally use a meal planner every week! You might have a better system that works for you and/or your family, but I love to sit down on Sunday and roadmap the week out (small group on Monday, Luke at tennis on Wednesday), and fill in a few dinners for the week.

These Meal Planners were also inspired by four of Litore Studio's most popular coastal motifs:

Bonus Content: 3 Recipes I'm Making in August


Hope you enjoy these Meal Planners! Let me know what you think below, and if you think I should create more of these in the coming months!

I would also love to see how you use these, and what meals you're planning for you and your families!! Tag @litorestudio on Instagram, and you might be featured!

See you on the coast,


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