About the Artist

As a multi-generation Floridian hailing from Sarasota, Lindsey spent her childhood and young adult years exploring the wild spaces of the state, from the pines to the palms. Today, she explores the rhythms and patterns of these vital ecosystems in new ways - through illustrative "coastal motifs" that showcase the diverse flora and fauna unique to each region.

Lindsey holds a Masters in Anthropology and spent 10 years working with the National Park Service and national & state nonprofits in cultural heritage and land preservation. Now a full-time artist, this background strongly influences her art and how she interweaves whimsy, nature and culture into each map and motif. 

Lindsey lives in St. Petersburg, Florida with her husband Luke, and their dog Otis and cat Nicholas. When not creating the next coastal map motif, Lindsey enjoys saltwater fishing, hiking, bird watching, beach walking on Little Gasparilla Island, and planning the next weekend trip. 

Current Professional Associations:

  • Litore Studio, Founder and Artist
  • Florida Wildlife Corridor Foundation, Strategic Corridor Communications Advisor
  • DC Florida House on Capitol Hill, Trustee under 40

What does "Litore" mean?

"Litore" is Latin meaning "of the coast."

Beautiful appearing on surface level, there is also a deeper history and meaning behind both the name, and our coastlines.

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