Have a special piece in mind that you'd like to commission? Litore Studio is now accepting commissioned custom coastal motifs!

Now planning commissions with delivery dates beginning June 15, 2024. 

    Please use the contact form below to describe your commission vision and ideal timing for delivery, and we can schedule an initial consultation call!

    • Coastal Map Motif

      Create a one-of-a-kind coastal map motif with Litore Studio, featuring your favorite region and coastal elements.


      • 11" x 14" - $950.00
      • 16" x 20" - $1,350.00
      • Larger commissions available upon request
    • Elemental Motif

      Commission a motif with a feature element (bird, fish, resort, or etc.) that speaks the most to you or your loved ones. Pricing for larger commissions available upon request.


      • 8" x 10" - $650.00
      • 11" x 14" - $850.00
      • 16" x 20" - $1,150.00
    • Boat Portrait

      The gift that is sure to impress every boat owner!! Commission a custom watercolor and gouache piece depicting your treasured boat in a coastal setting of your choice!


      • 8" x 10" - $650.00
      • 11" x 14" - $850.00
      • 16" x 20" - $1,250.00

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    Commission FAQs

    How long do commissions take?

    Timing can depend upon complexity and or size of the piece, but it typically takes 4-6 weeks to complete a commission, from start to finish. Kindly refer to soonest availability at the top of this page, but feel free to let me know if there is a specific event/date you need your piece for!

    Does the investment cost include framing?

    No, the cost is the unframed artwork. Professional framing (if you choose) is typically an additional $175 - $350, depending on the size of the frame and materials chosen.

    Do you offer framing consultation/assistance?

    Yes! I am so happy to provide free framing consultation after the completion of your artwork. If you are local to Tampa Bay, I am also happy to handle the framing with my local framers, and deliver the artwork to you in-person.

    Can I commission an original map of a location that's already been painted/sold?

    Yes! For example, if you'd like to commission an original Boca Grande coastal map motif and select your own special elements or size it to be larger than life, I am happy to complete that for you!

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    • Emily S.

      "I love every detail - the Spanish moss, crimson clover, arrowheads. I can't thank you enough for your time and your creative vision for making Lake Iamonia come to life on paper! It is just stunning and will be treasured and displayed proudly for every visitor to see."

    • Maureen T.

      “I just LOVE it! The map is so beautiful and will be a very special gift for my husband!”

    • Velma P.

      "Love it!  You have me crying once again!  It is perfect! Again…..thank you so much.  You are so incredibly talented and you have created a piece we will always treasure."

    • Genevieve W.

      "Working with you was so incredibly fun and easy, and your work is truly outstanding. The piece captures our boat, and importantly, the wonderful memories we have on it as a family, just so perfectly! I am so incredibly grateful!"

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