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Litore Studio celebrates the grace and whimsy of the coastal South through timeless watercolor coastal motifs, created by Floridian Lindsey M. Simonds. 

For media and press inquiries, please reach out directly to, and Lindsey will be happy to respond. 

  • Florida Wildlife Corridor Motif on 10 Tampa Bay's Great Day Live

    Mallory Dimmitt and Lindsey Simonds partner through conservation and art to raise awareness of wild Florida.

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  • Lindsey Simonds, Litore Studio featured in Georgia's THOM Magazine

    THOM Magazine, based out of Thomasville, Georgia, features Lindsey Simonds of Litore Studio.

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About the Artist

Lindsey M. Simonds is the founder and artist of Litore Studio, a growing art and lifestyle brand rooted in "coastal motifs" that showcase the beauty and rhythms of the coastal South. The coastal motifs are most-loved by those who have a deep admiration and appreciation of the coast, and tastemakers who notice the often overlooked yet ever present patterns of nature.

As a seventh generation Floridian, island-hopper, conservationist-at-heart, and angler, you can usually find Lindsey outside when not painting.

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