Best places for a Boca Grande photo shoot (and why you need one)

Best places for a Boca Grande photo shoot (and why you need one)

Looking through your family photo albums, I bet there are a million images of holiday presents, birthday parties, posed family vacation memories.  Then, out of nowhere, that one photo stops you in your tracks. 

Your loved ones in their younger years. Glamourous. Natural. Laughing. And for a moment, time stands still.

Those are the photos you make copies of and frame. Those are the photos you show your children and recount stories of years before. It may seem like a just snapshot in time, but 50 years from now, it's these photos that will be clung to and cherished. 

For these reasons, I could not recommend enough having a professional photo shoot at your favorite place, with your favorite person (and when better than on vacation when you are both relaxed!). 

One of the BEST Boca Grande photographers: Brittany Pannebaker

My husband, Luke, and I recently worked with the incredibly talented Brittany Pannebaker, a Tampa resident and husband-and-wife-team who joined us for an evening on Boca Grande for a photo shoot. I had been following Brittany on Instagram for about a year, and crushing over all her cheerfully bright and enchanting style; I knew she was the perfect fit to capture Luke and I on Boca Grande!  You just have to check out her previous work!! 

Brittany was so kind and such a professional, instantly putting both of us right at ease. Being perfectly honest, neither Luke and I are naturally comfortable in front of the camera, but within five minutes, Brittany had us laughing and leaning into just being ourselves.

Enjoy these stunning images captured and locations selected on beautiful Boca Grande, and please feel free to reach out directly to Brittany Pannebaker to schedule your shoot the next time you're on the island!!

Location 1: The Pink Pony 

Is it possible to visit Boca Grande without a trip to get some ice cream? So much so, the Pink Pony actually made it into the best-selling Litore Studio Gasparilla Inn motif - do you see it? The old pink gas pump, the adorable ice cream cones. Such a sweet moment. 


Location 2: The Gasparilla Inn

Old Florida luxury at it's finest, The Gasparilla Inn has beckoned islanders and islanders-at heart for over 100 years. One visit to this beach-side resort will have you planning your vacation here every. single. year. Stroll along the golf carts parked on 5th Street East or head out front for your glamour shot under the columned entrance, there is no bad place for a photo at this location! 




Location 3: Banyan Street

This location was one of my absolute favorites, and what Brittany captured was absolute perfection. It's no surprise that Banyan Street is the location of so many weddings; it's pure magic under the graceful arches and massive branches of these trees. You can also see and hear the ocean just one block away. 



Location 4: The Historic Gasparilla Lighthouse (and beach!)

Brittany ended the evening's adventures by taking us to the historic Boca Grande lighthouse (featured in the Boca Grande coastal map motif) for one of the best island sunsets I have witnessed. After a few incredible shots by the lighthouse, we took to the beach and had a moment in the surf looking for shells ... and even found a leopard crab! 





I hope you enjoyed!! I would love to know what you think in the comments below, and what additional locations you've enjoyed on Boca Grande! 

Brittany Pannebaker is the brilliance behind these locations and vision, and I cannot recommend her enough to capture your next getaway to Boca Grande with your significant other, or a location in or near Tampa Bay!! You can visit for information on reaching out and scheduling your shoot <3 

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