Coastal Map Motifs Curated at the Tampa Bay History Center

Coastal Map Motifs Curated at the Tampa Bay History Center

(TAMPA, FL) Litore Studio is thrilled to announce that select coastal map motifs are now curated at the Tampa Bay History Center within the Touchton Map Library's collection! 

Litore Studio's coastal map motifs, created by 7th generation Floridian and watercolor artist Lindsey Simonds, depict the natural beauty and rhythms of the coastal South, where intricate patterns of flora, fauna, and key landmarks represent the interconnectivity within nature and between nature and culture.

The Touchton Map Library and Florida Center for Cartographic Educationestablished by the History Center's founding Board of Trustees chair, J. Thomas "Tom" Touchton, is home to thousands of maps, charts, and other documents dating back from the early European exploration of North America more than 500 years ago up through the early 21st century.


While most of the maps are historic, the Tampa Bay History Center does collect and curate select modern maps as part of this collection. 

As an anthropologist and a history-aficionado, I am humbled and honored by this incredible opportunity, and delighted that select Litore Studio coastal map motifs will be stores alongside some of our state's most important maps, with the possibility of one day being selected to be exhibited at the Museum.

To learn more about the Tampa Bay History Center and visit their collections and the Touchton Map Library, visit


Maps Currently Curated in the Collection: 

Click on each map to view and shop prints. Maps include: Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Boca Grande, Sanibel Island, Amelia Island and the Forgotten Coast - Alligator Point and St. Teresa. 





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