How to Create a Framed Shell Display

How to Create a Framed Shell Display

So you have a million shells collected in jars and baskets around your home, but you’re looking for a better way to display them?

This 30-minute DIY framed shell display is perfect for beginners, and just requires FOUR materials to create! Plus, what a fun activity to do with your friends or family on or after a memorable beach vacation 🐚 or while you’re dreaming of the beach this winter!

Materials Needed:

(1) Frame -- The 8" x 10" frame I found at Hobby Lobby (regularly $27.99, but got it on a 50% off frame sale!) is not online, but you can also find some creative frames at HomeGoods or at your local thrift store! 
(2) Hot Glue Gun + Scissors -- You might have these if you are a crafty person, but this is the one I grabbed at Hobby Lobby - works great for me! 
(3) Fabric -- You will only need a small piece (8.75" x 10.75") for your frame, but if you want to create a few as gifts (hostess, housewarming, mementos from vacations), go ahead and grab a yard of fabric. I recommend fabric without a pattern so it does not clash with the shells, a softer color like this sandy beige I chose, and one that has a wide-weave, linen texture. The wide-weave gives a "rustic coastal" feel and the glue can also seep through easier to the backing board for an extra hold. 
(4) Seashells -- This is the perfect craft for all those shells you've collected over the years on the coast! Just make sure when you are picking up a shell, it doesn't have a little critter living in there <3



If you're looking for a few ideas for arranging your shells, I've got you covered. Here are a few ideas for creating special shell designs for your home, or to gift to a loved one!

The Classic

I love the simplicity of this design, while also showcasing a few varieties of shells. You can choose the same shells to display, or three different varieties that coordinate with each other in color or shape.




The Minimalist

This is a fun way to display one big shell, like the giant American cockle shell seen here! Similarly to three in a row, there is a lovely amount of white space around the shell (which just instantly calms me when I look at it), while drawing attention to your showstopper shell! Minimalists, this one is for you. 


The Cross

This one I am definitely going to create soon, and how special would it be to create this for a child's nursery! With a white frame, a fabric color to mirror the nursery design, and a beautiful cross for over your child's bed. Darling. 





The Collector

This is a fun way to display a variety of shells from a trip, each different but each complimenting the other. Feel free to be bold and creative with what you place in here! These can be great conversation starters for kitchens or living rooms, or a fun addition to your nature-loving kid's bedroom. 



In Conclusion (and other tips):

These framed shell displays pair perfectly for your favorite Litore Studio coastal motifs, so be sure to check out the print shop to complete your home design! 

Oh, and if you are wanting to close your eyes (just not while using the hot glue gun, please) and let Jimmy Buffett take your mind to an island paradise, here is my favorite playlist to listen to

I would love to hear of other ideas you have for this shell art, or to see the finished product you create!! Drop a comment below, and feel free to tag me on Instagram, @litorestudio - happy crafting!

See you on the coast,


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