How to Paint a Nautilus Shell

How to Paint a Nautilus Shell

Let's paint a Nautilus shell together! Here is a 10 minute paint-with-me tutorial on how to recreate this classic shell. So grab your paints, escape the heat, turn on your favorite tunes and have fun!


7 Materials used in this tutorial: 

1. Gouache paint (I still use both!):

2. Watercolor paints: 

3. Watercolor paper: Arches Watercolor Pad - 140 lb. Cold Press

4. Favorite pencil: Kimberly 2B drawing pencil

5. Favorite eraser: Generals Tri Tip Eraser

6. Spotify playlist inspired by the Biltmore Estate (so soothing): Biltmore Estate Playlist

7. Flower paint palette (I use for gouache): Flower Palette Porcelain Paint Palette Tray



I hope you enjoyed this watercolor tutorial! If you paint the Nautilus Shell, I'd love to see your designs by tagging @litorestudio on Instagram or Facebook.

Drop a comment below about what you'd like me to paint next as a tutorial, or if these tutorials can improve in any way (this is my first one, so would love your feedback!!). 

See you on the coast,


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