Three Ways to Frame Your Art

Three Ways to Frame Your Art

So you purchased a new Litore Studio fine art print (or are eyeing a few for your home or a friend), but aren't sure how to frame it? Your resident coastal artist and framing consultant is here to the rescue! 

Here are three ways to frame your new art, benefits and challenges of each path so you know which is the perfect solution for you and your home! 

PS) Did you know that I offer free framing consultation for all art collectors and prospective collectors? Reach out to me here to start your consultation! 


1. Most Affordable: Buy a ready-made frame

Cost: $10-$40 | Timing: Immediate

If you're looking to spend between $15 and $40 on a frame, big box stores such as Michael's, Target, Hobby Lobby and HomeGoods have quite a few great options! I started off framing my art at these places, and sometimes you can luck into a quality frame (typically at Hobby Lobby which I found has the most solid wood frames). Be sure to check online at Michaels and Hobby Lobby for coupons! 

You will want to get a frame that has an opening of 8" x 10" or 11" x 14" for the standard prints that I offer on my shop. 


  • The inner cut of the mat will likely cut off artist signature and artwork title. 
  • Options can be limited at these stores, as you're relying on what they have in stock at the moment
  • Quality of the frames varies greatly, and aren't going to be as good as the below options

Framing Options: 

  1. Hobby Lobby frames - they have great solid wood frames
  2. Michael's frames - they usually have a good number in stock
  3. HomeGoods (depends on what they currently have in-store) - you can find some really creative options, but tends to be hit or miss...


2. Most Convenient: Design and order through Framebridge

Cost: $110 - $190 | Timing: 2 weeks 

I LOVE how easy it is to import your artwork and see what the piece will look like framed through Framebridge. They have made is so convenient to view framing options, mat colors, size preferences, whether you'd like it floated or not... it's quite brilliant! Not only that, but they take a great deal of care in shipping it right to your door. 

How does it work?

  • Step 1: Go to their website, upload an image of your artwork, select the size of the area of the artwork you'd like shown (to show my title and signature, add an inch on height and width; for example, an 8" x 10" print would be a 9" x 11" through Framebrige)
  • Step 2: Select how you'd like to get the art to them, either in your own box (or the one I shipped your art to you in!) or they can send you a flat or rolled mailer tube. Print off a free label and drop it off at a UPS store, and presto! Your art will arrive to your door in about two weeks!

And if you live near one of their 28 in-person store locations, you can work with one of their framers on the spot to choose the right pieces! 


  • The options might not as vast as what you'd find at a local framer
  • They use a plexiglass in the frames since they need to ship it to you (Which makes perfect sense, since nobody wants to deal with shipped broken glass upon arrival!). 


3. Best Quality: work with a Local Framer

Cost: $175 - $300 | Timing: typically 2 weeks 

If you have the budget and live near a local frame shop, this is great choice. I love using my local framers and them getting to know my personal style. Nothing beats being able to develop a relationship with a framer you trust (like bringing your car to a trusted mechanic), and the options at a local frame shop are typically phenomenal. 

If you aren't sure what to choose, your framer can likely help you select a frame and mat color, and whether you'd like it double matted or floated. 

I use Smith Brothers Framing in South Tampa and Davidson Fine Art here in St. Petersburg. 

Another option is to find a great framer at a local big store (such as Michaels and Hobby Lobby). However, I'd make sure to see samples of the framer's work to make sure the quality is what you are looking for.


  • It is the most expensive option (but you do get exactly what is right for your space)


BONUS: Framing Ideas

These three options are my favorite ways to frame my Litore Studio prints and originals (these were designed using Framebridge!). Love a pop of color with the mat!

Frames include Ash gallery (natural wood frame with white mat), Irvine (white frame with parakeet green mat), and Florence (antique gold frame with white mat). 


I hope that was helpful! Please let me know if you have any questions about framing or about the best coastal motif (or custom commission) for your home!

See you on the coast,


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