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Litore Studio and Florida Wildlife Corridor Foundation partner through Art

When I was about 12 years old, I recall looking up at the mural walls of Epcot's Living with the Land and seeing a remarkable quote from a 6th grade class in California:

"Our Environment is like a patchwork quilt. Each "patch" is dependent on those around it. If one part unravels, it affects the rest." 

Little did I know that this quote had planted itself firmly in my heart, later coming back to me and inspiring the creation of the coastal map motif and simultaneously, Litore Studio.

In just over a year of being in business (and transitioning from a traditional career in anthropology to being a full-time artist), these motifs would spark a partnership with one of this state's premier conservation organizations, the Florida Wildlife Corridor Foundation.

 The Florida Wildlife Corridor Foundation leads Florida's collaborative effort

to permanently connect, protect and restore the Florida Wildlife Corridor – a statewide network of connected lands and waters that supports wildlife and people. 

The organization, founded by conservation photographer and National Geographic Explorer Carlton Ward Jr. and spearheaded by conservation champion and multi-generation Floridian Mallory Dimmitthas a track record of celebrating collective Corridor successes through storytelling and art.

The mission of Litore Studio is to showcase the natural beauty, rhythms and grace of the coastal South so that you can bring this beauty into your homes and pause to notice the often-unnoticed patterns and details of nature. 

It was only natural that a partnership should form.

The Collaboration

Through a proud partnership with the Florida Wildlife Corridor Foundation, Litore Studio has created the Florida Wildlife Corridor Map Motif motif depicting the Florida Wildlife Corridor overlaid with a whimsical motif of Florida's flora and fauna. 

With every purchase of the map, Litore Studio will be donating 20% of the proceeds directly to the Florida Wildlife Corridor Foundation.

As a 7th-generation Floridian and longtime conservationist-at-heart, it is truly an honor to collaborate with the Florida Wildlife Corridor Foundation through art.

I encourage you to visit the Florida Wildlife Corridor Foundation's website to learn more about their efforts, how to get involved and support their cause if you feel so called. You can learn more at 

Bonus Content:

Have you seen one of the Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition films?

When I was working in Washington, D.C., I would sneak over to the National Geographic headquarters to just be in the presence of so many incredible Explorers' works to gaze at all the Nat Geo magazine covers, as well as attend evening premiers. I attended at least three of the Corridor's film screenings in Washington, D.C. in 2016 and 2018! Full circle moment here, for sure!